September 30, 2023

     I am LINO TAMOR ADRALES, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education, Major in Crop Science. I graduated from college last March 2003 in Northwest Samar State University-San Jorge Campus formerly Samar State College of Agriculture and Forestry San Jorge, Samar.

     I am working as a Senior High School Teacher, handling Research subjects. I’m in my 4th year in the institution Tarangnan National High School where I am currently assigned — honestly, I enjoyed this profession, but still there was SOMETHING MISSING– knowing that I DON’T HAVE A LICENSE YET.

    One of the biggest challenges that I had in life would be in the verge of losing hope knowing that I already had taken the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) for 27 TIMES. Yes, that is right, 27 times. It felt like I was in a cave — so dim, no light and no way out; however, my story does not stop there. It was just the superficial facet.

     I am the bread winner of my family. At the age of 6, my father died. My main priority is to work immediately so that I can support my family financially. Back when I was a student, from high school to college, I was a working student. I need to do this in order to sustain my studies as well as my two sibling’s studies.

     As for my work experiences, I have been into different agencies — teaching in private schools, being a call center agent, and being a staff in business companies. I was given so many chances times to take the exam but no time to prepare, knowing that my schedule was so tight. My struggles before taking the LET cannot be canned in a single container — truly, my journey in passing the exam was full of tacks and splinters.

    Carl E. Balita Review Center (CBRC) helped me in many ways for it highlights not only in teaching us techniques/ strategies in passing our respective exam, but more imperatively, teaching us life lessons of not giving up and always believing in our own selves.

     “Believe that you can and the whole universe will conspire in making our dreams into realities.” Do your best, and CBRC will do the rest!!!

     I would like to tell aspiring teachers out there who took the LET SO MANY TIMES like me to NEVER EVER LOSE YOUR HOPE. I always believe in the concept of perfect timing. In my case, I have passed the LET in my 28th attempt — forsooth, it was inspiring, I must say! God has truly provided me the sufficient amount of knowledge and wisdom in continuing my professional pursuit. I offer everything to Him. TO GOD BE THE GREATEST GLORY!

     Passing the LET in my 28th time, was never simple — two (2) years nalang sana tatlong dekada na [akong nagtetake ng LET]! I know that being in my position, with the number of the exams I have taken and the number of years of working hard and persevering, there are a lot of things in store for me. Aim high and be best version of yourself!

4 thoughts on “In God’s Perfect Time I’ve been Taking the LET for 27 times, and on my 28th take…

  1. Such an inspiring story. I am Samarnon and a future teacher! I am proud of you, Sir. Reading your story touched my heart, I became emotional. I saw that you are a sincere and enthusiastic teacher. You never give up despite the uncertainties that transpired to you, Sir. You are an inspiration to many. Thank you Sir for sharing your utmost story. Remarkable and heart-striking. I hope your story read those aspiring/ future teachers or people who are aiming for successful.

      1. Thank you so much po that you were inspired of my never ending pakikibaka sa LET. Well I am a man of courage, sa dami ba namang kahirapan na pinagdaanan ko ngayon paba ako susuko…

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