October 3, 2023

Nagviral ang fast talk ni Tito Boy Abunda kasama ang senatorial aspirant na si Dr. Carl E. Balita matapos nitong matapang na sagutin ang mga katanungan patungkol sa iba’t ibang isyung panlipunan tulad ng marijauan usage, same sex marriage, nuclear energy at iba pa.

Wala pang 24 oras ay umabot na sa isang milyong views sa Tiktok ang video.

Narito ang mga katanungan at mga tugon ni Dr. Balita:

Tito Boy: Legalization of marijuana, payag ka ba o hindi? Why?

Dr. Balita: Payag, medically, Based on evidences, kailangan siya, and some of the researches say that some disorders can be treated by it but it should be regulated. It should be limited to medical uses.

Tito Boy: Same sex marriage, yes or no? Why?

Dr. Balita: Yes ‘cause of course, they are together. It is the responsibility of the state to celebrate the love that they share with each other. After all, in this age and time, I don’t think gender is ever an issue. In the spirit of love, it should be celebrated.

Tito Boy: Nuclear energy, yes or no? Why?

Dr. Balita: Yes if it is based on the global standards being used by many countries already for cheaper source of energy, but it should be done with due diligence using all science and technology for it, but certainly not something like the Bataan. It should be something new and [use] updated technology.

Tito Boy: Department of OFW, yes or no? Why?

Dr. Balita: Very much yes. We have 10% of our population as overseas Filipinos. I don’t want to call them “workers” Tito Boy because many of them are actually professionals overseas. They have needs and even their families. These needs should be addressed by a specific agency that could really address it.

Panoorin ang kabuuang panayam rito:cele

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