September 29, 2023

From his “political fast talk” with Boy Abunda, Dr. Carl E. Balita raised his stance on the use of marijuana and the call for same sex marriage in the Philippines.

On the use of marijuana, Dr. Balita answered “payag, medically” by citing the numerous studies on the application of the said drug in treating some diseases.

“With that, it should be regulated and limited to medical use once legalized,” Dr. Balita emphasized.

As for the second question on same sex marriage, Dr. Balita quickly answered “Yes.”

According to the senatorial candidate, “gender is never an issue” and that the State has the “responsibility to celebrate the love” shared by couples of the same sex; however, as he mentioned, this should be separated from the Church, given their stand regarding the matter. 

Nevertheless, the answer of Dr. Balita reflects his hope for the LGBTQ+ community to also enjoy the privilege of marriage that heterogeneous couples benefit from.

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